In March, we raised $60K to shoot Zilla and Zoe, thanks to people like you (depending who you are, perhaps EXACTLY like. In which case, thank you!). Now we've finished shooting the film (Yayy!) and need to raise the next $40K for postproduction.

We've decided to do this through Kickstarter as it's a great platform for getting everyone together in one place and giving them awesome rewards. If you're somebody who enjoys watching the behind-the-scenes footage of how a film gets made, we've got some backer-rewards right up your alley. For just a $25 donation, you'll receive an Invitation to an advance Rough Cut Screening of the Film in Portland, followed by a Q&A with the Director. Afterwards, chat with us and give us your feedback on the film. Your notes will be taken into consideration for the final cut, so you will help directly shape the film!

And there are all kinds of other backer rewards at every level from $1-$10,000, so head on over to our Kickstarter page to take a gander.

While you're there, you'll notice we've set our campaign to raise only $20k, despite needing the aforementioned $40k. Don't worry, this is not because we're pessimists. It's because we have had two generous backers offer to match the total of all other funds contributed. THIS MEANS ANYTHING YOU CONTRIBUTE WILL BE MATCHED BY OUTSIDE BACKERS, DOUBLING THE IMPACT OF YOUR CONTRIBUTION! Pretty cool.

Whether you are able to spare $1 or, well, $20K, all contributions are invaluable in helping us bring this film to the screen. The more backers we have at any level, the more publicity and awareness this project will receive. Thank you so much for helping us make this film!