1.     What was the inspiration for ZILLA & ZOE?

Jessica, our writer/director, once spent a summer working as a wedding videographer. Another filmmaker on her team was obsessed with horror films, and his wedding footage had an eerie, horror-ish quality. This was not a quality particularly appreciated by brides, but Jessica found it fascinating how different cinematography can alter footage of the same event to give it an entirely different feel.

Zoe (the weird filmmaker kid) is based on Jessica as a child.

Finally Portland, Jessica's adopted hometown, is a constant source of inspiration.

2.     Are you still raising funds now that filming is over?

Yes, we are! All funds raised at this point will go to publicity & marketing. Read more or contribute here.

3.     Can I contribute anonymously?

Absolutely! When you make your contribution, just contact us and let us know that you prefer to remain anonymous. We will not post your name on the Thank You page of our website. (We never disclose any information about our backers other than posting their first and last names on the Thank You page.)

If you prefer to stay anonymous from us, that’s also fine! Send in your contribution anonymously, and we will just hope that you know how grateful we are.

4.     Can I change the appearance of my name on the Thank You page?

Of course! We automatically post first and last names of backers, but if you would like your name to appear differently, or include a significant other, just let us know!

Have another question? Contact us, and we will get back to you promptly.