Jessica Scalise grew up in Oakland, CA, where she was obsessed with storytelling from an early age. In 2004 she graduated from Stanford University, where she studied creative writing and math. (So have no fear that she can crunch those budget numbers!)

From 2004-2007, Jessica worked as an independent filmmaker and screenwriter. She produced and directed a feature film with a Stanford filmmaking grant, recruiting fellow Bay Area filmmakers for the cast and crew. In 2007, she won the Jacob Javits Fellowship in the Arts, a full scholarship that let her attend film school at USC.

In 2010, Jessica graduated from USC with her MFA in film production. In the interim, she wrote twelve feature screenplays and numerous short stories. Her writing has placed in contests including the Academy Awards' Nicholl Screenwriting Contest, Francis Ford Coppola’s Zoetrope Screenwriting Contest, the PAGE International Screenwriting Awards, and the Raymond Carver Short Story Contest. In 2009 she co-wrote a television pilot that won Best of Show at the New York Television Festival. In 2014, she published a children’s book, THE KID & THE MERWITCH.

In 2015 Jessica started her own filmmaking company in Portland, OR. Scalise Pictures crowdfunded its first feature film, ZILLA & ZOE, and shot it in Portland. They are now in the final stages of postproduction.

Jessica is passionate about filmmaking and storytelling. Her goal is to create unique, thoughtful, entertaining films that step away from typical Hollywood plots, and to increase the representation of women in film.