finished: Preproduction

Preproduction –the steps leading up to shooting a film- is done! In addition to fundraising, we spent this time putting together our cast and crew, location scouting, storyboarding, creating our shooting schedule, etc.

FINISHED: Production

We wrapped filming on August 10, 2015!

FINISHED: Postproduction

We wrapped postproduction (the lengthy and patience-requiring process of editing the film, writing the music, mixing the sound, adding the special effects & more) in October 2016. The film then premiered privately for our cast, crew & crowdfunding backers.


What happens next? The film will have its public premiere at a film festival in early 2017. It will then work through the festival circuit (and we'll be working hard on publicity & marketing) with the goal of finding a distributor, so everyone can see this film! We will post our schedule of festival screenings and other opportunities to see the film on this website as soon as they are ready, so check back in soon!

Thanks to all of our wonderful backers for your support- we could not have done this without you!