finished: Preproduction

Preproduction –the steps leading up to shooting a film- is done! In addition to fundraising, we spent this time putting together our cast and crew, location scouting, storyboarding, creating our shooting schedule, etc.

FINISHED: Production

We wrapped filming on August 10, 2015!

FINISHED: Postproduction

We wrapped postproduction (the lengthy and patience-requiring process of editing the film, writing the music, mixing the sound, adding the special effects & more) in 2017. An early version of the film premiered privately for our cast, crew & crowdfunding backers in 2016.


What happens next? The film is currently working its way through the festival circuit, with the goal of finding a distributor so everyone can see this film! Check back in for updates!

Thanks to all of our wonderful backers for your support- we could not have done this without you!